QGIS Remote Sensing Kit

As part of our production and training work in the field of remote sensing and GIS, in order to better disseminate the tools developed, we have created a toolbox integrated to QGIS, consisting of Python scripts using OTB and GDAL .

This kit is mainly focused on batch processing of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data. In particular it allows the following processings:


  • calibration
  • orthorectification
  • filtering
  • Creation of color-composite images
  • Deforestation monitoring……


  • Mosaic generation
  • Pan-sharpening


  • Generation of statistics for classification controls (Olofson, 2013)
  • Simplification (pre-setting) of the OTB classifications tools
This kit is composed of QGIS(2.18) integrating OTB and scripts (in python) allowing the above processing. It is available here:

Windows: the .exe program install the customized QGIS kit) 64bits

Linux: consisting on virtual machine usable with Virtualbox

We therefore create a git https://gitlab.com/clardeux/FOSS4G-fr-2018-Atelier-Radar which contain some video tutorial but also scripts to install the kit on Ubuntu.

Have a good reading and do not hesitate to come back to us: D !!!