QGIS Remote Sensing Kit

With the time, after common work with ONF International and the University of Paris-Est-Marne-la-Vallée during Training we tried to devellop tools the easy to use for everybody.
For this, all the tools are mainly developed in Python and generally based on the Orfeo ToolBox, GDAL and of course QGIS.

For this reason and using blogs like this, https://www.sigterritoires.fr/index.php/comment-creer-une-version-portable-de-qgis-2-8/ we created a kit we called QGIS Remote Sensing, available at this address. This kit accessible at this address 64bits or 32bits “installs” a customized version of Qgis on a computer equipped with Windows.
This version does not conflict with any other version already installed of QGIS (even Arcgis which also uses Python), based on QGIS of course but also contains several additions:

  • Orfeo ToolBox 6.0
  • Grass and saga
  • Different plugin
  • Scripts
    • Sentinel-1 radar data processing in batches and delimited by a shape file
      • orthorectification
      • Time filtering
    • Classification: Generate quality control statistics taking into account the proportion of sampling points and the proportion of surfaces obtained in the classification
    • Sentinel-2: Automatic tiling of a Sentinel-2 scene with a pseudo pan-sharpening application to the 20 m and / or 60 m bands (uses 10 m bands as a pan-chromatic channel)
    • various scripts

In order to better use this kit, different tutorials will soon be available including this one for the use of Sentinel-1 data.

Here you can find a presentation of the kit at ESA EO Open Science 2017 symposium.